Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hometown Tragedy

So, here I sit.

I just got home from a house fire. I am the photographer for the fire department.

The house is gone, and there were two little girls that did not make it out. They were 3 and 5.

As the fire was raging, the father came racing home and tried to push his way past the firemen to get into his girls. He was crying and screaming and the firemen and police had to work to hold him back. He almost made it to the door before any realized what was going on. It took all they had to hold him.
The mother was home with the girls and she made it out.

The fire was so hot, so intense, and the smoke so black that the fire fighters just couldn't get to the girls. They tried and tried and couldn't find them.

The temperature here is about 5 degrees today with the windchill taking it below zero. The water was turning to ice. We were slipping all over the scene. The firefighters were coming out with ice incrusted bunker gear.

It was a very emotional fire. Many of the firefighters were having a tough time knowing that the little girls were in there.

When it finally got under control and they found the little bodies, the fire marshall said I could go in and take some pictures of them for the department.

I did.
And now, here I sit.
Little precious girls... Savannah and Bailey.

Please say a prayer for these firefighters that are sitting in tears today and please say one for me.

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Wendi said...

Ph, Kim, how awful. I can't imagine what the parents were going through.