Monday, January 5, 2009

Recap - April 2008

April, April...

What happens in April???
Oh, yeah, that's right... My BIRTHDAY!! :)
How's that song go? "And, whadya get, another year older and deeper in debt" hahahaha

And now we will move right on along to another topic, before someone asks me how old I am!!!

One of the projects that I worked on in April was the 46th Annual Ice Show here in Jefferson City. The skaters in the show really amaze me! They can turn and jump and spin and move so beautifully on the ice. ( I still wonder if they get dizzy when they do those long spins! )

To each skater and coach in the Ice Show - WOW!! Thank you for an amazing performance!

I really enjoy being the photographer, and I am looking forward to the 47th Annual this year!

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